Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Toby Jones is an INVENTaholic...

When you think BBQ do you think Foot Massage? Toby Jones does. His "Big Ass BBQ and Foot Massage" site/biz is a sign of his innovative self. I'll probably never go there, if it even exists, but I enjoy Toby's web commercials, website and have to admit his pros are kick'n too.

Stop by or his other site... for a great laugh and maybe even a tee shirt purchase.

This is the type of innovative marketing and business execution the major companies would never do. And I think it is exactly what we need more of. Imagine 10,000 BBQ and Foot Massage locations selling their "we'll fry anything for $5.99" goodness! Can you hear the economy beginning to move?

Small business need to be creative not only because they can but also because big business never will. Our only chance to reinvigorate the country is to encourage and undertake the work of small business. Kudos to you Toby! I'd tip my hat to you... but you might fry it. LOL

Keep up the great work. Everyone, let me know about other creative adventures you find. I'd love to see more.

Perry Kaye

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