Friday, July 9, 2010

Big Business Against Big Government?

It amazes me that so many people blindly follow silly causes. Do you really want to “fight against Big Government”? Then why not move to Cuba. They have a very small government. One guy runs the whole show! Or visit North Korea where “Dear Leader” runs your life for you. Tiny Government is a dumb idea. Its like trying to save money by firing all the Police and Firemen. Very short sighted and no real financial savings.

But who is behind the “Down With Big Government” BS? Big Corporations! Just like criminals hate cops, Big Corporations hate Government. BP Oil and other BIG CORPORATIONS would love to play without rules or restrictions ( ). It is easier to dump their garbage in your backyard and let you pay to clean it up. They call that “externalizing expenses”. Meaning they take the profits and then you and I pay to clean their mess. Do you really think we can afford, as individuals, to let Companies control us... Free to do as they please without Rules or Regulations? (You can’t even get out of a cell phone contract and carriers are regulated, imagine what would happen without regulation)

If you want to fight for something, consider fighting for tariffs on imports. Make it cheaper to manufacture in the USA. China hates Big Government too. And they would hate tariffs. But I don’t really care about China. I care about the USA.

We used to make fine products. And those US Manufacturing jobs were good jobs. We had pride in what we made so we didn’t put lead in them or make them so cheap they’d break the first time we used them. Let’s pressure our government to give incentives to Manufacture in the USA in regulated markets so small business can work with the big dogs. That is what we need. Not more products with Big Business Names made in foreign countries that hate us.

Our Government is NOT forcing companies to manufacture overseas. Companies simply seek the cheapest labor and least regulated markets to operate in. Is that good for us? Only, if you want dollar store trinkets. I’m sick of junk products, I want JOBS! I want US MANUFACTURING JOBS. That is what you should fight for.

So next time a person says, “Big Government is Killing the Country” why don’t you point out how Big Business is killing our citizens ( And then tell them to FIGHT FOR “US MANUFACTURING JOBS”! Because nothing would help this country more than loads of great jobs.

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